Product Model: XC-B2XBR0116

Product Description:

Body and trim :  Made of high pressure die-cast aluminium alloy for ARW10-15.
Cover glass :5mm thickness,tempered glass.
Reflector :  High purity anodised aluminium.
Fastening:  Stainless steel cover screws with silicone grease dipping.
Gasket: Durable silicone rubber gasket.



Housing Outdoor dark grey powder coated aluminum T=60-80um Adhesion of ISO class/ASTM class 4B
Glass Tempered step glass T=4mm
Reflector optical lens, efficiency ~85%
Cable gland  IP-68 copper and nickel coated
Casket  Tooling shaped seal
PCB Excellent heat conductivity aluminum, coefficient of heat ,Conductivity~2.0w/mK
Driver Constant current output single color led=l-circuit output  RGB3inl LED=3-circuitoutput  Operating temperature: -20C°C-40°C
Power cable HOSRN-F 2X0.75mm2 L=l.Sm (24VDC low voltage)  HOSRN-F 3X0.75mm2 L=l.Sm (high voltage) HOSRN-F 4X0.75mm2 L=l.Sm (for RGB

Application of Ultra-thin recessed wood floor light

Protection and standard
Painting and surface protection.Chromatization treatmentresistant tonatural corrosive environment.Coated with UV stabilized polyester powder.
.Baked in digital temperature.control room at 180°C-200°C for 30 minutes.
IP Rating.Silicone rubber gasket to IP67.Standard.

Fixtures are designed and manufactured in compliance withEN60598,GB7000.

Application Feature of 3W LED Inground Light Stainless Steel Front Cover

Electrical Parts:Integral 24V/220V magneticballast,
ignitor,capacitor and lampholder.
Internal wiring:IEC and CCC approved 105°C cable.
Electrical safety Class I.

Ultra-thin recessed wood floor light

Product Applicaion

Used for step, stair, garden, corridor, pathway, road and other outdoor lighting.

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