Product Model: XC-D1BL1014

Product Description:

IP65 waterproof for outdoor stair/step/corn/stairway/park lighting use.

IP65 rating with CE certificated.

Rated Lifespan: 50,000+ hours,long lifespan.

316 Stainless steel front cover+diffused glass+aluminum alloy.

Anti-glare design, with uniform and soft lighting effect.

Excellent heat conductivity aluminum,High efficiency constant current drivers.


Housing 12#Die-casting powder coated aluminum
Glass Tempered glass.T=4mm
Lens Optical lens, efficiency≥85%
Cable gland  IP-67 PG-9 PVC
Casket  Tooling shaped seal
PCB Excellent heat conductivity aluminum, coefficient of heat ,Conductivity~2.0w/mK
Driver Constant current output single color led=l-circuit output  RGB3inl LED=3-circuitoutput  Operating temperature: -20C°C-40°C
Power cable HOSRN-F 2X0.75mm2 L=l.Sm (24VDC low voltage)  HOSRN-F 3X0.75mm2 L=l.Sm (high voltage) HOSRN-F 4X0.75mm2 L=l.Sm (for RGB

Application of SMD 4W Recessed LED Stair wall light

Protection and standard
Painting and surface protection.Chromatization treatmentresistant tonatural corrosive environment.Coated with UV stabilized polyester powder.
.Baked in digital temperature.control room at 180°C-200°C for 30 minutes.
IP Rating.Silicone rubber gasket to IP65.Standard.

Fixtures are designed and manufactured in compliance withEN60598,GB7000.

Application Feature of 2W 3W Recessed LED Step Light,Stairway decorative Light

Electrical Parts:Integral 24V/220V magneticballast,
ignitor,capacitor and lampholder.
Internal wiring:IEC and CCC approved 105°C cable.
Electrical safety Class I.

SMD 4W Recessed LED Stair wall light

Product Application

Suitable for Outdoor lighting,stair,step,park,corridors of villa,hotel etc

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