Small Type-Underwater led spot light

Product Model: XC-B5AB0302

Product Description:

316# stainless steel, anti-aging silicone ring.

High light transmittance tempered glass and PMMA optical lens.

CREE/OSRAM LED chips, high brightness, low energy consumption, long life.

Cable gland: IP68 waterproof rating, brass material.

European standard H05RN-F rubber cable with 2m default length.

Driver: Constant current output. Imported Japanese brand capacitor, long service life.


Housing Hard chromeplated molding shaped stainless steel
SUS 316#
Light Window Step tempered glass.T=10mm
Gasket Silicone gasket
Cable gland IP68 PG-11 copper with nickel-coated
PCB Excellent heat conductivity aluminum.coefficient
of heat Conductivity≥2.0w/mk
LED Driver Constant Voltage Input,Constant Current Output
Power Cable H07RN-F 2X1.0mm2 L=3.0m
Application environment Temperature of water between -20˚C~40˚C less
than 1 meter depth.
Built-in Overheat Sensor   System Automatic Shutdown at 75°C
Dimmable Support Triac PWM 1-10V Dali

Wall Recessed LED Pool Light Completely Hard chromeplated Stainless Steel SUS 316L# Housing and Accessories

Product Application

Ideal for installation in pools, ponds, aquariums, waterfalls, water features, fountains and other landscape lighting projects.

Small Type-Underwater led spot light

water must be allowed to go inside and outside sleeve freely without leaking to the other side.

Warning: Must be installed under the water to prevent the light from being burnt off because of over-heating.

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