12W Strip Underwater LED Spot light

Product Model: XC-B5SL0602

Product Description:

316# stainless steel, anti-aging silicone ring.

High light transmittance tempered glass and PMMA optical lens.

CREE/OSRAM LED chips, high brightness, low energy consumption, long life.

Cable gland: IP68 waterproof rating, brass material.

European standard H05RN-F rubber cable with 2m default length.

Driver: Constant current output. Imported Japanese brand capacitor, long service life.


Housing Hard chromeplated molding shaped stainless steel
SUS 316#
Light Window Step tempered glass.T=10mm
Gasket Silicone gasket
Cable gland IP68 PG-11 copper with nickel-coated
PCB Excellent heat conductivity aluminum.coefficient
of heat Conductivity≥2.0w/mk
LED Driver Constant Voltage Input,Constant Current Output
Power Cable H07RN-F 2X1.0mm2 L=3.0m
Application environment Temperature of water between -20˚C~40˚C less
than 1 meter depth.
Built-in Overheat Sensor   System Automatic Shutdown at 75°C
Dimmable Support Triac PWM 1-10V Dali

Wall Recessed LED Pool Light Completely Hard chromeplated Stainless Steel SUS 316L# Housing and Accessories

Product Application

Ideal for installation in pools, ponds, aquariums, waterfalls, water features, fountains and other landscape lighting projects.

12W Strip Underwater LED Spot light

water must be allowed to go inside and outside sleeve freely without leaking to the other side.

Warning: Must be installed under the water to prevent the light from being burnt off because of over-heating.

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