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In 2017 the export of our country LED display opportunities and challenges

  According to statistics, in 2016 the global LED display market size of $16 billion, is expected in 2020, the global LED display market will be worth $31 billion, overseas market space is huge. LED display LED display market in China, with small spacing rise leading the development trend of LED display, LED display market presents the 2016 small spacing products highly popular in the situation, is expected in the future is still can keep the stable growth of 20% - 30%. China LED display is for overseas market development the enormous opportunities.
  Overseas market trend and China‘s overseas development trend, the LED display business is "happy" by industry professionals, with the deepening of the economic globalization process, however, LED display Chinese companies increasingly implements the strategy of "going out", foreign enterprises and the LED display of increasingly close trade ties, the volatile international situation, and the influence of domestic LED display industry itself restriction factor. China LED display overseas development present of the many unstable factors affect the trend of increase.
  By international events bring many unstable factors, the future of Chinese LED display overseas markets will appear some obstacles, at the beginning of the LED display industry markets around the world have according to the size of the situation, China LED display enterprise to continue to maintain the stability of overseas market share growth, competition for international market "cake", which is new opportunities and new challenges. LED display giants, China is actively overseas new layout of the market, and through the acquisition of foreign LED enterprises, after the establishment of overseas branch, establishing overseas LED display product storage base, perfect the overseas supply chain system, actively promote the product brand image, and obtain larger base of economic gains. Small and medium-sized enterprises should take on economic policy, such as national "One Belt And One Road" lift, actively explore the "area" all the way along the LED display market of the country, and in the global economy less developed regions such as Asia and Africa looking for potential market opportunities. Generally speaking, "while the iron is hot still need their own hard" China LED display company, only increased investment in innovation, in the product value, continuously improve their products and services, enhance brand image, actively explore diverse international market sales channels, more broadly, ability under the background of the volatile international situation, remain standing "kui" of tai, should be in constant change, in the global LED display market competition often long chang xin.
  In recent years, through technical accumulation, the rapid development of Chinese LED display, the scale effect is remarkable, the product has become increasingly mature, especially the encapsulation, and proliferating breakthroughs in core "spacing" technology, built small spacing today directly LED display market popular trend, the market continuously toward standardization, fine development. Should know the reality is, however, the current Chinese LED display product homogeneity is very serious, due to the product homogeneity of the market, low prices, LED to the LED display products of "small profits‘ situation, the industry prevailed in the patent infringement and copied like now, enterprises lack of related intellectual property rights protection, greatly hindered the innovation and development of the industry.
  From the perspective of the overall situation of global trade, the global trade downturn has for several years, trade growth is still did not meet the current economic growth, according to the world trade organization (WTO) predicted that global trade growth is expected to be 1.7% in 2016, for the slowest growth in seven years. Sustained downturn in the global economy, to further promote foreign trade protectionism, and affect the global supply chain expansion slowed. In addition, the new President of the United States in 2016 came to trump, the colour of his personal thoughts have against free trade, and, early in the campaign, trump have publicly accused China of manipulating the yuan exchange rate, dumping goods in China, and announced that will be tougher sanctions against China, and as at the helm of the world has the largest influence of the United States, the uncertainty of its new economic policies will lead to a series of uncertainty of global trade. Its impact on the Chinese LED display, on the one hand, because the LED display is assembling belongs to the integration of high-tech products, parts and products can easily be used in is not in conformity with the relevant safety and environmental indicators in the name of the rejected, thus affecting the whole LED display products export; On the other hand, in order to protect their own businesses and jobs, to raise tariffs directly, make Chinese LED display products can‘t form a competitive price advantage. Generally speaking, the foreign trade protectionism, are to develop actively the world market of LED display LED enterprises constitute the unfavorable factors, China in 2017 Chinese LED display companies overseas trade situation is not optimistic.
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